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How to Hire the Perfect Logo Designer

If you’re a new business, you need a logo. And if you’re rebranding, a new logo is a great way to freshen up your look. But how do you find a designer who really gets you? It’s easier said than done. Even the best designers may not produce a logo suitable for your brand. It all comes down to communication. Here’s your guide to finding and hiring the best logo designer for your business.

Step 1. Know Your Brand

Even without any visual assets that define your brand, e.g. a logo, you should be able to clearly identify your brand’s voice, tone, and overall story. Why? Because that’s what you’ll need to communicate to the designer.

Without a clear vision of the image you want to portray, you can’t choose a designer, let alone guide their efforts. Work with your team to establish a brand identity before even thinking about hiring a logo designer. Ask and answer questions such as:

–  “What do I want customers to envision when they hear my brand name?”

–  “What promise do I want to make with my brand identity?”

Step 2. Know Your Designer

Once you’ve answered those questions, you can begin looking for a designer. Look for someone whose portfolio aligns with your brand identity. For example, if you want a whimsical, fun logo, don’t reach out to someone whose logos are elegant and formal. Then, get to know your top candidates’ styles. Ask them what they think makes a good logo. Check that their values align with yours. And most importantly, assess whether their turnaround time and project management style will mesh with your needs.

Step 3. Know Your Project

Most designers will provide a draft within a few days, assuming that you send them your specifications, such as any color or font requirements. Many designers will first send you a couple of rough sketches to see if you’re on the same page. Respond in a timely fashion to help the project move along. Then, be prepared to provide input on first drafts. Managing a logo design project doesn’t have to be stressful. Think of it as a collaboration with the designer. Don’t expect them to work in the dark, and be willing to provide feedback and request revisions. Assuming that you’ve given initial brand guidance and have been communicative, a professional designer will be more than happy to tweak the logo until you’re satisfied.

A Word on Hiring and Compensation

You should not expect a high-quality logo for a low price. This asset will be the face of your brand, so it’s worth the investment in a legitimate firm or freelancer. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” and that’s especially true with logo designers. Your options for getting a high-quality logo include:

–  a design contest

–  a freelancer

–  a marketing agency or branding firm

–  an unlimited design service

Some companies host a design contest to obtain several great options for a logo. This is a great tactic if you’re rebranding or have a lot of design students in your target area. Freelance designers are good options for both new and rebranded businesses. If you want assistance with your overall branding strategy, a marketing agency or branding firm can assist you. But if you need a lot of assets including a logo, an unlimited design service such as Flocksy is your best bet. You can get multiple variations of your logo, as well as companion design elements and a brand kit. Plus, you’ll have access to quality designers for landing pages, brochures, flyers, and anything else you might need.


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