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How To Improve Your Website’s SEO Capabilities

The number one question businesses are asking today is, “how can we improve our Google search rankings for our website?” The answer is making improvements to SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is a term which refers to the ability of a website to consistently rank high in Google’s search results, or search results from another search engine.

There are many ways SEO can be improved, and all will result in more traffic to your site from both current and potential customers. Every business needs great SEO, and there are a few ways yours can be improved today, simply and effectively. Here are a few quick tips to improve your company’s SEO and attract more customers to your site within the week.

  • Content and keywords should always be relevant to your users
  • Improving navigation is one of the most steps to increase SEO
  • Utilize the power of social media, both on and off your website

Write Relevant And Deep Content

Many business owners realize the value of content to their company, but many more don’t follow through with this realization. The internet is filled with articles of shallow or pointless information, just for the sake of content. This is counterproductive, as Google algorithms will reward websites who get their customers to stay and read for a longer time.

If you’re writing content for your site which doesn’t capture the attention of your readers, you’ll be penalized. It’s always smart to write content which is relevant and detailed to your customers’ needs; this will generate more clicks and keep eyes on your site for a longer period of time.

Keywords Are A Must But Use Them Organically

Like content in general, most businesses understand the importance of keywords, but they don’t fully realize the correct ways to implement them onto their site. Keywords should never be forced in your content because doing so will lose the interest of your reader, or, even worse, make them feel misled.

Sites have actually been penalized for using keywords to mislead their readers. There are many effective options for using keywords correctly, one of the most common being the use of keywords in your description and meta description. Hyperlinking your keywords is also a great way to drive interaction and engagement with your readers.

Ensure Your Website Is Properly Structured

There’s nothing more aggravating to a customer than a cluttered, confusing, site which is difficult to use. In the current day and age there’s really no excuse to have a website which is not fully optimized for user experience and easy navigation. There are many different ways your site can be improved, both for function and navigational purposes.

You should start by ensuring all of the images and videos on your site are optimized for the web. They should be condensed files, to ensure your site’s loading times are not disastrous. You can also improve navigation by adding tabs for certain categories and making it easy and quick to search for certain content on your site. Additionally, you can also add sub-topics further delineate your content.

Your Website Should Be Highly Responsive

Most people don’t know what a “responsive” website it, but the concept is simple. A responsive website is one which works well for both desktop and mobile users. In the past, there were nearly no responsive websites, as mobile searches didn’t have to be accounted for. Today, however, mobile searches have actually overtaken searches done on desktops, meaning your website should absolutely be designed to please those on mobile devices as well as desktops.

Altering your site to improve mobile compatibility will send it soaring in search results and will also raise customer satisfaction. It’s important that you check your site’s format on mobile devices, even after making it responsive, as updates and other changes on the end of mobile users can decrease its responsiveness.

Link Your Social Media Accounts

There is seldom a force more important for driving SEO capabilities than in and out links. You can increase the number of both exponentially by linking your website to your social media accounts and vice versa. Your company should have at least a toe dipped into many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

These platforms will do wonders to increase your interaction and engagement with customers, who will link back to your site from the platforms. There will even be some customers who link to your social media accounts from your website. This two-way traffic is great for improving SEO and expanding the reach of your business, and social media can also be used to address customer feedback directly.

Add A Sitemap To Your Website

This is one of the most basic and important component for a website to include. A sitemap, put simply, is just a list of your site’s different pages. Usually, sitemaps are located on the left side of every page on a site.

The sitemap does wonders to increase navigation for users because each page of the site is clearly labelled on every page they visit, allowing them to hop around with ease. Adding a sitemap to your website will make navigation a breeze for your employees and customers, and thus result in a massive bump to your SEO rankings.


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