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How To Increase Engagement For Your Business Blog

Blogs have been around for decades now, and they lasted for a very good reason. They’re the best place to share long form information with your audience.

Your customers and clients want to know your opinion on different topics, what’s going on with your business, and what helpful information you can provide for them.

Your blog is the best place to share all of these things, and it’s an opportunity to establish your credibility.

Some people might be thinking, “Isn’t that what emails are for?” While you should definitely send out marketing emails, your messages should be short and to the point. They should link to your blog posts, which should have all the information.

Successful blogs take time and energy to launch and to grow a good following. We’ve gathered tips to help you to grow your audience and increase engagement on your business blog. You should focus on:

  • optimizing the experience from a tech and design standpoint
  • growing your engagement through comments and social media
  • writing the best content possible for your audience

Erase Those Tech Problems

When a user clicks on a blog and is immediately bombarded with ads, then they know that the blog/business cares more about making ad money than providing information.

Your website and blog shouldn’t be too cluttered with ads or distracting images. However, depending on your business, you might be able to place some ads on your site.

While distracting images decrease the value of your blog, visuals that explain what you’re discussing can be very helpful and are a great way to break up text.

Sometimes, bloggers will embed explanatory videos in their posts. That’s great, as long as it doesn’t make the page load time longer.

One key to the success of every website is that it loads pages fast. When a page loads slowly, the message the company sends is that they don’t care about their website, or their customers’ time.

So no matter what content you embed on your blog, make sure that the page loads quickly.

Cultivate And Promote

It’s important to cultivate a sense of community on your blog. While this can be more relevant for personal blogs than for business blogs, it’s still a good idea for business blogs to respond to comments and encourage a sense of community.

Responding to commenters shows that you care about them. You can help them find the answers to their problems and to feel validated in their thinking or feeling.

It’s also absolutely essential that you promote your blog across all your social media channels. When you publish a new post on your blog, you should post about it everywhere that you have a social media account for the business.

That’s right: your followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn should all know about it every time you publish a new blog post

Polish The Writing So It Shines

The key to successful blogging is strong, engaging writing. Visitors are coming to your blog because they want to read what you have written.

So that writing has to be as flawless as possible.

Always pay attention to your grammar, and have someone else proofread your writing if you’re not confident about your grammar skills.

On the Internet, paragraphs should be no longer than three sentences. This goes against what is taught in schools; however, marketers agree that big blocks of text drive readers away.

You can always write your blog post using long paragraphs first, and then later you can separate them out into shorter paragraphs.

Most importantly, you should be writing for your audience. If you need to learn more about your audience, then take the time to research them. Make a list of what they care about and what has worked well with your audience in the past.

Business blogs should use a more formal tone without being overly serious or too complicated. The vocabulary should be appropriate for the audience and the sentence structure should be easy to follow.

Above all else, business blog posts should provide helpful, relevant information that comes from trustworthy sources.

In Conclusion

By making sure your business blog is free of tech problems, cultivating a community and promoting the blog on social media, and making sure the writing is exemplary, you can increase your engagement on your blog.

There’s a balance that must be struck when it comes to good blogging, and like most things, you’ll get better at it as you practice.


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