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How To Make Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd

A business has to be noticed to be successful. If you have the greatest products or do your job better than anyone in your field, what does it matter if nobody knows you’re there? You have to find a way to stand out. You have to separate yourself from the rest of the field. You have to make people take notice and show them what you have to offer

  • Focus on having a good product or service, then brand your business accordingly.
  • Create a unique experience for your customers. Give them something they can talk about.
  • Be honest and give great customer service. Let your integrity draw people to you.

Here are six ways to help your business get people’s attention. Let’s examine them all in order.

Be Known For A Product Or Service

Most people think they’re doing this part properly, but if you’re having any trouble attracting customers, chances are you’re not doing it well enough. In advertising, and even in conversation, many people describe their businesses in very general terms. They claim they perform a wide range of functions, never focusing on a particular skill set or defining an area of expertise. Being too general is a mistake. Your customers call you because they have a particular problem to be solved or a product they want to buy. If you don’t spell out your capabilities explicitly, you’ll lose customers to the business that does.

Two examples of businesses that focus on their core offerings are Wal-Mart and Apple. They both center everything around their primary functions, yet the tackle the problem in very different ways. While Apple has many divisions, no one can doubt their bottom line is the iphone and its components. The company may have a streaming network, a music service and a computer sales division, but it’s the mobile device that drives them, and that’s what they advertise to their customers. Wal-Mart is different. On the surface they seem like generalized store without a specialty function. If you step back, however, you realize that generalization is the specialty. Wal-Mart touts itself as the one-stop department store where you can buy anything at a cheaper price. All Wal-Mart’s business strategies are focused on selling that image of themselves. It doesn’t matter the product or service, their claim that you can ‘get it all here, cheaper’ is always front and center.

Don’t be thrown by the size of our two examples and think you can’t follow their strategies. What they do applies to businesses of any size. Show off your special capabilities, and customers will come to you.

Deliver Great Customer Service

Treat your customers well and respond to them quickly. Begin your customer service the moment someone calls you. Cater to your customers throughout the sales experience and stay with them well beyond it. If a customer bought your products or paid for your services, don’t ignore them when they call you with a problem. Treat customers with respect, and give them your ear. A satisfied customer is the best advertisement you’ll ever have. Don’t think customer service is only for service-oriented businesses. Every company should want to pamper the people who pay them. If your reputation is that people who patronize your business are treated like VIP’s, the market will notice and drive people to you.

Brand Your Business Well And Advertise Widely

It’s important to have a corporate appearance you can display in any market. Create a logo that looks at home anywhere, and choose colors that appeal to a wide range of people. Get your branding seen in as many places as possible. Use free items that have your brand or logo on them. Give those away and let them be your advertising wherever they happen to land. The more your company name and brand is exposed to the public, the more people will take notice and become possible customers.

Deliver A Unique Experience

Research the market and see how similar businesses behave. Scrutinize your competitors. You’re not copying or stealing from them, but you need to know how they do business. If they’re doing something more successfully than you, emulate it and create a version of your own. Learn from the success of others to create a unique experience for your customers. Don’t reinvent the wheel, but be ready to make that wheel turn and twist in ways only you can. You should develop a way of doing things that is steadying yet dynamic. People should know what to expect when they visit you, but you must also surprise and intrigue them with innovation and change.

Be Honest

Nothing generates talk in the business world like a company with integrity. When people know they can trust you, they’ll patronize your business. Whether you’re B2B or B2C people want to know you’re as good as your word. Make sure you also practice that integrity closer to home. Be honest with your co-workers and employees. Many a business has floundered because people no longer trusted one another at work. People who do business with you notice your dynamic within a company. Make sure what they see is a place of trust and honesty.

Be A Good Corporate Citizen

Be a real part of your community. This isn’t just about charity or attending a few events. Embrace the place where you work. Start with your facade. Is it attractive? People like to come to a business that’s pleasing to the eye. Hire locally, or at least within your business sphere. With ties to the community, you have a voice in its operation. Having stronger ties to the community helps your company as it grows. Try to involve yourself with the real workings of your community. Is the environment around you safe? Is the infrastructure in good repair? Are the politicians and other officials competent and honest? The more you engage your surroundings, the more you will be noticed and the more prosperous your business will be.


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