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How To Offer Great Customer Satisfaction

In today’s digital and professional landscape, the companies with the most customers are not just those who are able to attract the most in a short period of time. Rather, the companies who prosper are those who are able to retain their customers and offer them great service with every interaction. Great customer service is a multi-faceted and layered thing.

There are many different angles and components to consider in order for your employees and sales representatives the proper training and lessons in interacting with customers. Here’s a few great tips for retaining customers and keeping them satisfied throughout their time with your company.

  • Use your customers’ names to create intimacy and trust
  • Provide more than one avenue of communication to resolve issues
  • Know when to make recommendations and which to make

Use Customers’ Names Whenever Possible

Today’s business practices are all about connecting with customers in a personal and sincere way, and the first and easiest step to achieving this goal is using your customers’ names whenever possible. You should always try to use their first names when sending them promotional e-mails or other sales materials, but you can do more than just this simple practice.

You can offer them discounts and other inspirational messages on their birthdays and keep in contact with them throughout the time they use your services or product. Digital technology has offered ample opportunity to tune into your customer base and send them personalized messages.

Your marketing department should structure its approach based on personability and intimacy with your customer base. Team members should also do some bare bones research to determine what kind of customer they’re calling during cold calls and other outreach efforts.

Provide Ample Choices Without Going Overboard

Choice is one of the defining features of the modern era. Every single great business and product model offers substantial choice, from superficial customization features to entirely different makes and models to please individuals who won’t be sold with one type of product. The same is true with customer service.

Your company should always have more than one offering on the table, allowing your customers to pick and choose exactly what works for them. When engaging in B2B sales, you should have more than one plan in mind and keep flexible and on your feet. If your client declines one deal, you should know to pivot one quickly.

Your customers need more than one avenue of support and option to choose from when unsatisfied with your company, but it’s important not to be too ambitious with the number of paths and products you set out for them. Choice can quickly become a curse rather than a gift, as the human brain runs less efficiently and retreats when given more than eight choices of anything at a time.

Have More Than One Avenue And Always Be Personable

It’s important to remember that you’re always dealing with more than one customer at once and that each customer has their own personality type and expectations for their experience. Rather than forcing your customers to seek support exclusively over the phone or online, you should offer as many communication channels as is possible for your company’s scale and resources.

Some individuals may feel just fine talking over the phone, but others will feel more comfortable online talking to bots. Still, others may feel at their most comfortable when receiving and replying via e-mail. No matter which communication avenue you choose, it’s imperative to stay personable and come across as humanely as possible.

Customers who contact customer support are going through a problem, and it’s always reassuring to know that they’re desired by the company. Train your support staff to be friendly and engaging whenever communicating with another customer, listening and speaking clearly when trying to clear up the confusion. If possible, they should maintain eye contact as well, as it asserts that they care about the issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Know Your Field And Customer Base

Your customer service reps should be the most knowledgeable in their field and know what they’re talking about at all times. If necessary, they should know how to make recommendations and lead customers to the proper solutions in an orderly and timely manner.

If a certain customer is calling in about a product, your reps should know which other products are similar and refer the customer to those products, increasing both satisfaction and your bottom line at once. In-person customer reps, such as those in the physical store, should also know which recommendations to make and when, such as when a customer is buying a product at the store or cannot between two or more products to purchase.

Your company can utilize communication technologies such as text and e-mail to send recommendations directly to your customers as well, closing the time gap and walking into friendlier terms with those who do business with you. The more knowledgeable you are about your industry and competition, the more trust you’ll garner with your customers and the more likely they’ll be to stick with your company.


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