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How to Prepare and Deliver Logo Files for Clients

When sending finalized logo files to a client, it is paramount that everything is formatted correctly. This could be the difference between keeping and losing a client. What follows is the checklist you should consult before sending out your final product. In short, you need to:

  • Convert your text layers into outlines, and group the image layers
  • Compile all of the color variations your client might need
  • Save a version of each kind of file format that your client might need in the appropriate vector, raster and print, etc for the final logo and for the color variants

1. Check Color Numbers

Be sure that your color formulas are appropriate for the color mode you’re using. And create a text file with the color numbers/hex numbers, for the client to have for color matching other things to their logo.

2. Convert Text Layers into Outlines

If someone opens your logo file but doesn’t have the font you used installed, the program will select a default font. In order to avoid this, convert your text layer into outlines that will not depend on the correct font being available when opened.

Don’t send the font file to your client even if its free, that’s illegal. If they want it, then provide them with the link where they can download (and purchase as needed) and install the font for themselves instead.

3. Correctly format your final files

Note : Depending on your agreement with the client, you may not offer color variants or other file types beyond Full Color, Vector, Raster and Print without extra fees or special requests. But if you do this should cover what those should generally be

Compile your clients Vector files in the following formats:

Ai and EPS format

Full Color, Single Color Black, White

Compile your Raster files in the following formats:


Full Color, Single Color Black, Transparent White for (PNG and GIF only)

Compile your Print (or other types of ) files in the following formats:

TIFF, PDF, SVG or any other specially requested types of files

Full Color, Single Color Black

4. Delivery

Once you have all of these variations ready to go, you can send all of them in one compressed file or download link to the client.


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