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How To Tap Into The Marketing Power Of Your Customers

  • Customers are your biggest asset and can be a hugely effective marketing asset, as well.
  • By pivoting your marketing strategy to include your customers, you can create a cost-effective, sustainable marketing plan.
  • Try using free items, rewards for returning customers, and social media as a way to get your customers to sing your praises to their followers.

When you think about your marketing, what are some of your assets that come to mind? One of the first things you should think of are your customers. While marketing is meant to draw in customers, it can also be a tool you use in tandem with your customers.

With every marketing strategy, there are advantages and disadvantages, but using your customers to market your business for you has some major perks you should be aware of.

Lower Your Customer Acquisition Costs

Every time you bring a new customer to your business, it comes with a price tag. Your cost to acquire customers, the Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), can be a huge factor to consider in your marketing budget. However, using your happy customers to market your business for you lowers the cost to bring in those new customers. This happens mainly from your customers telling their friends and family about how great your business and products are.

Customer Marketing Is Sustainable

When you rely at least partially on your customers to market your business, you tap into a very sustainable marketing model. Because it doesn’t cost as much for you, this power of customer marketing is something that can be used for a long time without breaking your marketing budget.

Drive Demand For Your Product

Think about the last time a friend or family member told you that you just had to buy a certain product. Having a recommendation from someone you trust suddenly makes the product that much more desirable. This is a key part of using your customer power to market your brand. By telling their friends and family rave reviews of your business and products, your customers are driving demand for your products.

Social Media Is Your Friend

When your customers jump on their social media channels and share how wonderful your products are, you suddenly build your capital with those followers. Reportedly, 64% of customers don’t trust just what a company is telling them. Instead, many rely on the recommendations from family and friends. Social media is how your customers will share your products the fastest and in the most effective way.

There are many ways to use your satisfied customers as a marketing tool. Here are just a few things you can try:

Take Advantage Of Reviews And Testimonials

If you have an especially satisfied customer who just can’t help but let you know how great you and your product are, share that review or testimonial! New customers will be inclined to believe the happy words of your existing customers. Consider sharing these on your social media channels and posting them on your website. It’s an easy way to convert leads into paying customers.

Get Engaged With Your Customers

Whether you use social media channels, emails, or texts, if you can engage with your existing customers, they will be more likely to spread the word to their friends and family about how great your customer service is. You’ll also be encouraging them to buy more. By engaging with your customers, you’ll have the chance to build the voice of your brand and connect with your target customers in more ways than just the sale.

Reward Your Awesome Customers

Do you have customers that keep coming back for more? They deserve a reward! Try giving out discounts or involving them in testing out beta-versions of your websites and applications. Giving them an incentive to continue buying from you will help to generate your sales and also give your customers something to brag about to their friends and family.

Offer A Freebie

Everyone loves getting something for free. An excellent way to convert your leads to sales and to reach out to your existing customers is through a freebie. That can be anything from a free online webinar, a printable, or a free gift when they spend a certain amount with you. The minimal cost to you will lead to higher profits and something your happy customers can share on social media.

Contests And Competitions Can Drive Sales

Competition drives people. Everyone likes to win and one way to use this as a sales strategy is to offer contests and competitions with rewards through your social media channels. Your existing customers will love the chance to win something fun and you’ll use their enthusiasm for your brand and the competition to spread the word about your company to their friends and family.


Your customers are your biggest asset. They are the ones bringing you profits and with the right moves, you can use them as an effective marketing strategy. Try things like freebies and competitions, or consider rewarding your returning customers with little gifts. The small cost on your end will pay off with great profits in the long-run.


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