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How to Use Facebook to Bolster Your Business

In the internet age, digital commerce has exploded. While Amazon is responsible for a large portion of this growth over the last few years, Facebook has done its fair share to help companies advertise and enhance their business.

The global social networking company has had a massive influence on purchasing habits and household decision over the last decade. This handy guide will show you how to utilize Facebook to grow business in an organic and efficient manner.

  • Focus on making your content sharable and organic
  • Utilize remarketing and leverage user generated content
  • Try out Facebook Live to expand your reach and save on budget

Post Frequently And With Purpose

Your company should be posting relevant content to its Facebook page frequently and consistently. Many brands are afraid to post too often but this should be a non-concern, as the more frequently your brand posts, the stronger its presence will be felt and the more clicks and viewers it will garner, leading to an uptick in sales. While your business should certainly post frequently, it’s important to post relevant and customer-oriented content.

Facebook is an incredibly competitive marketplace, but the company is doing everything in its power to ensure only the most relevant, crucial information is reaching its users. This means that while your content is visible to anyone who uses Facebook, only a small percentage of your content is being seen by a large swath of the population. Keeping your content relevant and professional ensures that views will be converted to sales more frequently.

Leverage User Generated Content

The number one problem companies make in terms of their content is failing to make it seem organic or authentic. Users are scrolling through the site to find information that seems prevalent to them and appears to be made by friends and family. Failing to make authentic ads will increase the likelihood of those ads being browsed over in favor of more organic content.

The best way to ensure you have a plethora of organic content at your disposal is to simply implore your followers and users to engage and interact with your brand on the platform. In a recent study, consumers said they were 2.4x more likely to click and view content generated by users because they felt it was more authentic than company generated content.

Remarket Your Products For A Higher Conversion Rate

Targeting ads is a great way to ensure you achieve a high conversion rate. “Targeting” simply means you know who your customers are and are making a concerted effort to market your products and services to them directly. Though this is a fantastic way to market your company, it can be improved upon with “remarketing.”

Remarketing simply means you’re marketing to those who have already visited your site and have clicked around, either providing their e-mail to you or going so far as to be repeat buyers. Your ads should be targeted to these customers on their own Facebook to ensure you’re reaching them directly and have a firm grasp on what they’re seeing when they’re on the site. This method will increase your conversion rate and ensure more loyal customers are aware of your new products and deals.

Create Sharable Content

Another key in creating content is making sure it’s as sharable as possible. Content often goes viral on Facebook, which means more attention and clout for your business. Not all content is created equal, however, so take care to make content which will be easily shared within circles and among the public. There are many factors which lead users to share content when on Facebook.

Content which helps them learn something new, inform and influences others, helps their friends or family, or helps bolster their identity or social profile will all be spread around with zeal. Creating content which will hit one or more of these points will increase the chances of users’ sharing and ultimately increase profit margins for your company.

Focus On Native Content

“Native” content simply refers to content which is uploaded to Facebook, not linked in from another platform like YouTube or Instagram. The company has focused its efforts on growing native content, which means your company should play into these new initiatives. Sharing native content is also better from an engagement perspective because your videos will play automatically as users browse the news feed.

This feature both boosts views and clicks for your videos and gives a positive impression to both your fans and Facebook. On top of these benefits, native videos will also help create a video gallery, improve organic reach, and give access to better analytics.

Using Facebook Live Improves Reach

Utilizing Facebook is great for companies who have a great marketing budget, but what about those whose budgets are more limited? Facebook Live is the perfect answer to this question. Not only does Facebook Live allow you to market with a lower quality ceiling and save on costs because it’s free to use, Facebook Live will also increase your organic reach, sometimes even more than the original native video.

Facebook has also added features to boost your Live presence, such as notifications to fans when your content has gone Live. Expanding your reach through Live will also have a domino effect, helping your company engage with more fans and ultimately expand the scope and presence of your company online for even those who don’t use the platform.

Final Thought

There are several benefits to marketing through Facebook. Not only will the platform expand your reach, your content will also become more sharable and organic. As long as you’re posting consistently and with purpose, and utilizing user generated content, your business will flourish in Facebook’s business-friendly environment.


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