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Live Your Purpose: Five Reasons To Become An Entrepreneur

When you were a kid, you probably dreamed about having a specific job when you were growing up. Maybe you’re in that job right now and you’re as happy as you can be. Or, maybe you’re got that job but it didn’t live up to your childhood dreams.

What you thought you wanted in a career when you were a kid, or even when you were 18 years old and starting college or trade school, is probably different from what you want now. It’s difficult to stay in a career that makes you unhappy, but you might think you have to because you went to school or trained for.

In the world today, you don’t have to stay in a career that makes you unhappy or that isn’t as fulfilling as you hoped. In the gig economy, there are many opportunities for people to build their own business.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a challenge, but it also might be extremely rewarding. You should consider becoming an entrepreneur because:

  • You’ll be able to leave an unfulfilling career behind you.
  • You’ll experience new freedoms.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to build something great.

Release Yourself From The Prison Of The Wrong Degree

It’s extremely sad when someone works hard in school for a degree that lands them a career they end up hating. What’s even sadder is when that person stays in that role for 10, 15, or even 20 years because they don’t think they’re qualified to do anything else.

A typical 9-5 might require a degree. But, when you become an entrepreneur and start your own business, you don’t need one. You can leave your current role and everything about it that drags you down behind, without having to go back to school.

Embrace The Excitement Of A Challenge

There’s nothing easy about starting your own business. You have to find the funding, which might end up being your savings. That risk is the barrier that prevents most people from starting their own business.

However, there are other ways to start your own business. Small business loans and fundraisers (like Kickstarter campaigns) are two options for entrepreneurs.

To get a small business loan or to run a successful fundraiser, you’ll need a business plan. That will take lots of time, energy, and concentration. It’s exciting to spend your time and focus building something you’re going to be proud of.

Experience New Freedoms

You’ll be spending your days doing what you want, not what someone else is telling you to do. While you will have to do things that aren’t exciting when you’re first starting out, over time you’ll be able to focus your hours exactly where they’re most needed and where you want to.

You won’t have to ask a boss for days off. You won’t have to apologize for being late or for not responding to an email quickly. You’ll be able to set expectations and build a workplace where your employees grow.

Not answering to a boss is a dream for many people. When you become an entrepreneur, you make that dream a reality.

Make More Money

Once you’re locked into a contract and working for a company, you’re tied to their financial priorities. Their salary schedules and their ability to provide a bonus is out of your control. You have to set back and accept it.

When you become an entrepreneur, you take on the burden of making all the financial decisions, but you’ll also reap the rewards. You can make choices to leverage your profit, or you can make decisions that provide financial stability but also give you more free time.

As an entrepreneur, you have the responsibility of the financial decisions, but you also have the potential for a large pay-off. It all depends on how much work you are willing to put in and the state of the market.

Live Out Your Purpose

Your business needs to be something you are confident you can do extremely well. It has to fulfill an unmet need in the market. Finding your purpose, your reason for working in this world, is exciting and empowering.

When you know for a fact that you’re delivering a quality product or service, you will feel satisfied. You’ve helped your customer meet a need in their life, which you couldn’t have done in the same way at your old job. That feeling of successfully helping someone is both empowering and life-fulfilling.

In Conclusion…

For many people, their jobs aren’t providing the fulfillment they need. Spending at least 40 hours a week doing something they’re not passionate about for years of their life is a recipe for disaster.

When you become an entrepreneur, you release yourself from the prison of your old job, you get to be challenged in an exciting way, you get to experience new freedoms, you can make more money, and you can live out your purpose in life.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but it is for anyone who wants to live life their way and experience more freedom.


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