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Logo Categories for Businesses To Choose From

The logo is the face of your brand. Whether you are an online brand, a brick-and-mortar, or a combination of the two, you will gain attention with your logo if it’s done right. A logo must reflect the design aesthetic and values of the business it represents. That’s a lot to pack into such a small design!

  • There are three categories of logos: text-only, image-driven, and combination logos.
  • The type of logo you choose will depend on your business type.
  • You don’t have to stick to one logo. A logo variant is called a ​lockup. ​It is just fine to have different lockups of your logo.

Logos are powerful, though they are tiny. With your logo, you are defining the public image of your business. Here are three types of logos to help you get started on a great brand.

Image-Driven Logos

There are a few types of image-driven logos. Pictorial marks are best for tech or app companies. They depict a real thing, as in the case of Apple (an apple) or Twitter (a bird). Don’t choose this type of logo if you are a new or expanding business. The imagery can become confusing as you expand. It might be too boring for a brand without a lot of recognition.

Any type of company will benefit from abstract marks. These types of logos are imaginative, but they can go wrong sometimes. You don’t want to go either too symbolic or not symbolic enough. For inspiration, see the Olympics logo. Mascots are favored by athletic brands, consumer goods, or fast food brands. Choose this logo for a strong mascot.

Be sure that you don’t want more abstract visuals. In certain types of businesses like adult products, abstract is best. The Kentucky Fried Chicken logo is a famous mascot that has lasted for a long time.

Word-Driven Logos

Web-related brands or brands with many types of collateral can make use of an initial as their logo. One-letter logos pack a lot of punch, but they take a lot of time to design right. Don’t try to rush this type of design.

The WordPress logo is a famous initial or letterform logo.

These are generally an acronym that uses two to five letters. You need exceptional attention to detail in order to make sure your monogram isn’t boring. It can take a lot of time to master a logo in this minimalist form.

IBM is an iconic example of a lettermark logo.

It’s a great style for new businesses that want to make a point with their aesthetic. The bold style can make a good impression quickly.

37 percent of the world’s top logos are wordmarks. This deceptively simple style holds a lot of power with consumers.

A wordmark is the name of the company in a specific typeface. These work best for companies with catchy names. You want to use this type of logo only if your name describes your product or service in some way. Non-descriptive names will not gain as much attention.

Gillette is a great example of a successful wordmark.

Combination Types

This versatile logo type works for all kinds of companies. It consists of a graphic and text. It can be called a signature if the logo consists of a graphic with a wordmark or tagline.

Some famous combination marks are the Mastercard and Hermes Paris logos.

If you are a new company, you may want to consider this type of logo. While every company will benefit from a combination mark, the versatility here cannot be beat. New companies who don’t know what kind of logo they will need should consider a combination mark.

Emblems also consist of words and a graphic, but the two cannot be separated in an emblem. Some famous emblem types are the Warner Brothers and the Fifty Seasons logos.

These types of logos work best for athletic brands or vintage-style brands. They are strong visually in embroidered patches, and they usually need a larger size to maintain readability.

Choose a Logo That Works for You

Pay close attention to the stage of your business and they type of collateral you will need when choosing a logo format. But when all is said and done, you can work up different versions of your logo. ​Lockups​, as they are called, will offer you some flexibility for each type of media.


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