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Missing These Elements of Design Could Be Hurting Your Business

Think Beyond the Logo

Graphic design is one of the most important elements to any business’s long- term marketing strategy. More and more increasingly, customers rely on visual cues to make a split-second decision about a business and the value of its communications. Don’t let your hard work and strategy go down the drain by underestimating the importance of these design elements in your business.

  • Social Media: Are you taking full advantage and capitalizing on your social media presence? If your posts don’t already include engaging, professional-grade images and designs, you may be missing out on a big opportunity. Text heavy ads and content rarely capture the audience’s attention the way a simple image can. But to make your stand out from the sea of content on everyone’s newsfeeds, you need a professional graphic designer’s services.
  • Infographics: Another type of content that leads to a great amount of engagement and organic reach is an image with an infographic. These are often educational and present more value than the general image. That’s why, having a unique infographic design will help promote your services and product while providing value and increasing your customer engagement.
  • Brochures: Brochures are the infographics of the physical world. As such, they remain a great way to get detailed, specific information about your business or service. A well-designed, attractive brochure can be an appealing way to disseminate valuable information or a marketing campaign that might not fit neatly on a social media post.
  • Business Cards: Any respectable business will provide its employees with branded business cards. They do this because it not only increases your business’s credibility and your customers’ trust, but it also serves as a portable advertisement for your services. Don’t miss the chance to capture attention, even when it comes to your business card design. A unique look or graphic can elevate a piece of card into a genuine marketing tool.
  • Blog Posts: Many businesses strive to engage with their customers through more personal, content-rich blog posts. These are a great opportunity to promote your brand, products or just provide value in form of information to your readership. Whatever the case, a successful blog post needs quality graphics to accompany its message. These might be templates for quarterly or annual sales, promotions or just individualized designs for a specific topic.
  • Slideshows: Presentations are a natural part of any business’ operations. But if your slideshows are missing consistent graphic design elements, you might be undermining your own respectability as a brand. After all, we as consumer have come to expect a fair amount of continuity. For instance, when we see a website or a social media post by the same brand, we naturally expect their style and designs to match. The same goes for your business slideshows and presentations. If your client expects a certain level of aesthetic design from your brand, they’ll be turned off by a generic presentation. After all, you’re presenting your brand’s image – make it shine!
  • Promotional Items: Whether you already have promotional merchandise in place, or you’re just considering adding some in the future, you’ll want to make sure the graphic design elements are custom and high enough quality to represent your business. This might be obvious, but any item that visually represents your company should instill a sense of professionalism, excellence and trustworthiness. A badly designed T-shirt or a promotional item with sloppy graphics screams low-rate, and could end up hurting your brand’s reputation in the long run.

There is unlimited value in investing in graphic design. Each of these graphic elements make up the entirety of your long-term marketing, and can sometimes be used interchangeably for future promotions. It may sound like an easy shortcut to forego professional services and just rely on basic stock images, but you’ll be missing out on the incredible advantages of custom branding. So, the next time you consider graphic design, make sure to look well past the logo.


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