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Mobile Marketing and Its Impact on Small Business

Mobile marketing is one of the most important forms of marketing today. In fact, an overwhelming majority of consumers discover businesses and get references from their mobile devices. 

This doesn’t just mean that businesses should simply have a website and hope that consumers discover them when they’re searching for a particular service. While that is one way that they can be found through a mobile device, it is not the only way, nor is it necessarily the most lucrative way.

In fact, if someone is out and looking for a particular type of business, they might just use their phone to search for businesses nearby. That’s why it is imperative to focus on mobile marketing in its entirety, instead of simply developing a website. While a great and optimized website will bring lots of visitors and gain you a number of leads, it’s not necessarily the best way for potential clients to discover your business, especially when they’re on the go.

When people are out and looking for a store, restaurant, cafe, or other type of business, they’re depending on their mobile device to point them in the right direction. They’re not looking to take awhile and read over the content on a website in order to determine whether their goals align with that particular business. Instead, they’re waiting for a quick name, address, and directions, guidance from GPS, and a simple and effective way to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

That doesn’t mean that there is no use for a great website when it comes to mobile marketing. On the contrary, the website is an essential component. It is, however, imperative that businesses understand that they cannot settle for simply having a website that is optimized for mobile. There are a number of other essential areas involved in mobile marketing that any small business will want to make sure and be involved with.

Social Media

One of the top things that consumers use their mobile devices for is social media. In fact, the average person today has a profile on at least three social media platforms, and uses them daily. They are able to connect regularly with the people and brands that they follow on each platform.

Consumers today are interested in authenticity and connection, even when it comes to the businesses that they buy from. For businesses that have a great social media presence, this makes marketing simple. Social media provides a unique opportunity for a business to connect with potential customers and build a relationship based on authenticity. 

When mobile devices are used for social media more than practically anything else, it becomes essential that a great deal of a business’ mobile marketing efforts are focused there. 

Developing Mobile Apps

Another important area for businesses to get involved with is apps. Businesses that have their own app see their visibility and conversions increase in huge amounts. This is because a great and easy to use app makes it simple for a customer to do business right from their phone. Business apps can be used to order a product, place an order for a meal, sign up for a service, renew or reorder something, contact the business, make decisions, ask questions, and receive assistance. 

Apps appeal to the modern consumer’s desire and expectation for things to be streamlined, simple, and fast. When a small business has its own app, it can mean the difference between gaining a new customer or not, making a sale or not, and retaining a customer or not.

Artificial Intelligence Supported Ads

Advertisements are becoming more and more personalized to each consumer. Algorithms, artificial intelligence, and tracking allow ads to be intentionally directed towards each person. By making sure that ads are relevant to the recipient, businesses are able to ensure that they are appearing mainly for those people that are most likely to become their customer. Not only does this help them to be more successful, but it also keeps them from wasting money on ads that will not bring in conversions.

Mobile Marketing Cannot Be Ignored

When the vast majority of consumers use their mobile devices in making product and brand decisions these days, it becomes a necessity for businesses to get on board. It is difficult for a business to be competitive in a market that is highly digital when it is not doing all that it can to join in. 

Consumers are on social media, they’re using apps, they’re searching for businesses on their mobile devices. In order to be successful, small businesses need to follow suit and place a large focus on mobile marketing.


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