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Some Great Logo Examples To Help You Get Inspired

Logos are a critical aspect of any brand; they’re what represents a brand and makes it recognizable to customers. When you think about all the top brands(Apple, Google, Target, Microsoft) a lot of times what will instantly come to mind is their iconic logos. Logos speak for their brand and are a huge part of their advertising.

As a graphic designer when you’re hired to create a logo it’s important that you know that you’ll be creating a design that will represent the company and plays a huge part in their branding. If you’re feeling a bit intimidated by the job we’re here to help. Sometimes all you need to feel motivated to tackle a job is some inspiration and reviewing great work from the past.

If you need some inspiration, this article will cover some of the greatest logo examples to get you inspired and feeling motivated to tackle your next design project.

Wordmark Logos

Image sourced here

This type of logo design is a typography-based logo design and is shown above. These types of logos emphasize the text in the logo and show it at the front and center. Many big brands use wordmark logos for their business including Coca-Cola, FedEx, Canon, and many other big brands. These brands have established themselves and created stunning logos with wordmark designs that have stood out and earned their way in the branding industry.

Abstract Logos

Abstract logos use the combination of both abstracts and images to create stunning logos that leave the viewer fascinated with the logo. Abstract logos require more focus and interest from the viewer and are more detailed. This type of logo allows you to display your logo without having to use words. Merely with design, you can convey what your company does and show people what you have to offer. The examples above are those that you should use for your inspiration when you’re tackling your next logo design project.

Monogram Logos

Image sourced here

Think of monogram logos as those logos that you see with just the initials of the brand on them. These are some of the simplest logos since they just rely on the initials to display the company name and what they do. This type of logo is also known as lettermark logo designs or typography logos. These logos either use a couple of letters or a few to display their brand and only rely on letters.

Mascot Logos

Image sourced here

Mascots play a substantial part in any business. After all, when we think of big brands both their logos and their mascots instantly come to mind. When a brand pushes its mascot heavily with its marketing it’s easy to identify it at a glance and mascots are a fun part of a brand. Think of your favorite brands and their mascots and what they bring to the brand; they add a lot to a brand and establish the spirit of it.

Elements Of Great Logos

It’s important that you keep in mind elements that will make a great logo and include them when you’re designing. There are specific elements of logos that make them stand out and play key parts in catching consumer’s eyes and drawing them in. When you’re thinking about marketing and what plays a part in not only advertising but also doing the brand justice, you want to make sure that these elements are included.


In some situations, you’ll find that simple logos are what make the best logos. Many graphic designers, especially those that are new to designing, tend to include too much in their logos and over complicate it. Many times you’ll find that the best thing you can do for your design is to only include a few elements. The simpler and cleaner that you can make it the better.


In a world where there’s competition for every industry and there are millions of designs in the world, every logo needs to be memorable and able to stand out. It’s important that you not only create a logo that displays the brand but one that will stick with people and leave an impression in their minds. You want to create a logo that people will remember even if they’ve only seen it for a few seconds.


You want to create a logo that is flexible and able to work on any marketing and from any distance. Whether you use a logo for a billboard that’s seen on the highway or an up-close business card, the logo should always look good. Since logos appear on a variety of marketing material it’s important that it’s flexible and will work on what’s needed.


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