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Startup Survival 101: The Importance of SEO

  • SEO strategy must pivot on occasion, just like businesses do
  • SEO is a main source of visibility for your business
  • SEO has expanded far beyond keyword research, so make sure you look up the top guides

Without SEO, there’s next to no chance that your business web page will show up in relevant searches.

The SEO tactics that worked in the past are exactly that: things of the past. SEO is constantly evolving. If you ever read the keyword-stuffed blogs covered in ads from the late nineties, you know that’s mostly a good thing.

These days, search engines are bringing you more relevant content than ever. There’s a ton to know and love about SEO. Here’s why it’s important that you read all the top guides and implement a well-researched strategy using that knowledge.

SEO Equals Visibility

The internet is getting huge. But it’s also getting divided up to make search more relevant. You’ll notice that most engines show you localized results automatically these days.

There’s just so much to read and absorb that people would be lost online without some kind of search protocols beyond keywords.

SEO is all about telling the search engine what your business is about, where it’s located, and who your audience is. Optimizing absolutely everything includes site speed, images, alternative text, content, your sitemap, and more.

Without a targeted SEO campaign, you will likely linger on the second, third, fourth, or fifth page of the results you’re after.

For a startup, visibility is key. Your SEO shows that you know what’s going on in business and that you know how to get found online. People depend on online results to do consumer research, so you’ve got to show up there if you want new online business.

SEO Keeps Your Site Up-to-Date

Every startup needs momentum. And that means as many sales as possible from new customers that come from copious amounts of internet traffic. When you do your SEO audits, you are constantly updating your site.

Loading speed updates, content updates, email and newsletter updates, plugin updates, and all the things that go with them keep your site looking bright and shiny. Even better, it will function like new with all the work that goes into it.

Off-Page SEO Builds Community

You’ve got a lot to do when you aim to keep your on-page SEO up-to-date. But there’s a whole other world out there now, too: it’s your off-page SEO. The image that you build using social media accounts and your presence on authority sites creates a lot of momentum for your business.

Every business needs a community. And a startup needs more than customers. It needs support, ideas, and people who want to invest. Strong off-page SEO can help you gain footing in all these areas as you build relationships online.

There are so many social media platforms, and you may wish that you could participate in every single one. Realistically, you should try to master your presence and engagement on one or two. Aim for back links from authority sites, relevant blogs, business directories, and other beneficial places on the web.

SEO Can Build Your Authority

Building authority can earn your company customers. Like anything else worth doing, it takes time and energy. But it’s well worth it. Someday, your site may be the authority site that others want to guest post on for visibility!

To build up the authority on your site, you’ll need incredible content that is light years better than the other fluff that is available for people to skim in their spare time.

You can curate guest posts by leading authors, perform market research and publish, or hire staff writers, vloggers, and podcasters who know what they are talking about. Building your authority earns your page SEO points, and ranking high for authoritative content solidifies your business in its niche.

But remember, you need more than one strategy to make sure your content is seen! Optimize everything so that your work stands out above the rest.

Do More Than Keyword Research, Update Often

You’ll need more than a couple of keywords sprinkled throughout your pages to rank these days. And what works this quarter may not be the only strategy next quarter.

As the internet develops, search engines are constantly updating and trying to make their results more relevant.

Be ready to change your SEO strategy at any time, and be prepared for changes mentally. It’s tough to get the new surprise algorithms, but the results get more and more relevant every year. With the right plans and energy, you’ll be ready to put your startup in the spotlight online.


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