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The Benefits of Creating a Company Vision Map

  • A vision map provides a comprehensive visual overview of your company’s values, goals, and metrics.
  • Creating the vision map can help you refine your vision and put it into action.
  • Your team should play an active role in the creation of the map.

It’s hard to grow without vision. Having a clear idea of where your business is headed helps you make the decisions you need to get to your destination. Just as when you launched your business with a detailed plan, you can benefit immensely from laying out a framework for scaling up your business.

A company vision map is an excellent way to do that. A vision map is more than a mission statement or growth plan. It’s a comprehensive overview of your company’s values and metrics as they relate to your growth. And yes, it can be an actual map. Some people create a fictional map that illustrates their company, while others take a more symbolic approach.

Either way, it lays out your goals, strategies, and metrics so that you can see where you’ve been and where you’re headed at a glance. A vision map can provide the motivation and guidance you need to achieve your growth goals.

A vision map lays out your strategy.

Picking through unwieldy documents or long spreadsheets is a necessary evil of doing business, but that doesn’t mean your vision map has to be hiding in one of these. A vision map has the unique advantage of providing a central, comprehensive location for your goals, outcomes, data, values, and overall strategy. The simple act of creating one can help you refine your vision by giving you the opportunity to work through concepts and collect all your insights in one place.

A vision map motivates your team.

A vision map is something that you can post around your workspace and discuss at meetings. It’s not only a plan, but also a visual aid that can help your team better understand their role in your business’s growth. You can and should invite your team to co-create the map so they feel like they have a part in your business’s growth. Then, post it prominently around the office to keep your team motivated.

A vision map helps you innovate your business.

It can be very helpful to see your goals, metrics, and values expressed in visual form. You may see problems and connections you would not otherwise see. Plus, visual media helps activate the creative part of your brain, helping you find solutions to the hurdles you need to overcome. That’s what makes a vision map a powerful tool to aid in your business’s growth.

Wrapping Up

Creating a company vision map helps you both develop and refine your vision for growth and put that vision into action. Work with your team to develop the content and theme for the map, then choose an expert illustrator to bring your vision to life. The resulting map is something you and your team should refer to and reflect on regularly to ensure that you stay on track. With this powerful tool at your disposal, you can bring your business — and the well-being of your company — to the next level.


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