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The Guide to Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

The internet has brought rapid change throughout the business world. This change has been slower to come to the manufacturing side of the process, but it has come. Many companies today are vetting manufacturers online before they ever decide to purchase their products, prompting many manufacturers to adopt digital marketing technologies.

It’s never been more important to persuade both consumers and other businesses alike to buy from your particular company, and digital marketing techniques can be a lifesaver during this process.

  • SEO is a must in the digital marketing game
  • Social media will help you attract customers from all over the internet
  • Know your customer base and tailor content for specific profiles

Optimize Your Website For SEO Purposes

Your website is essentially the digital version of your storefront, showing off your wares to passing customer who may be interested in buying what you have to sell. However, many customers will never find your website if you don’t make sure to optimize it for SEO.

SEO is the one number one factor for people finding businesses of all kinds, including manufacturers. To optimize your website, you’ll want to develop a set of keywords which consumers and businesses are searching at any given point in time. You’ll also want to speed up loading times and do you best to avoid duplicate content on your web pages.

Tailor Your Content For Your Customers

Creating content for most traditional businesses is simple, as they just have to sell their product and make sure the general population knows about their offerings. Creating content in your field is slightly more difficult, as you want to appear as a leader in your industry and demonstrate your value over the long-term for business and consumers who need your service.

To create content which will drive sales, consider creating a blog and other online guides, such as infographics and short videos. You should include the keywords you’ve created and tailor content to what people are searching online as it relates to your field.

Utilize Social Media

Social Media has become a unique and effective set of platforms to engage with customers and interact with those who are interested in what you do. The key to using social media for any business is to create content which hits home with the demographic on the platform you’re creating it for.

For an effective social media presence, you can hire a dedicated social media manager; this manager will create content and drive engagement on a daily basis and can also handle customer questions and concerns if properly trained.

Remember to optimize your social media for SEO purposes, just as you’ve done for you website. Creating accounts isn’t worth much if people can’t find them consistently!

Invest In Email Marketing

Emails are currently the most used and trusted method for businesses to communicate with their customers because they have a staggeringly high open and response rate.

Your company should create an e-mail list with potential clients through effective lead generation and general research. Once you have your list, you can send personalized, well-crafted e-mails to attract customers to your business.

Email marketing is so widespread and easily adopted because it has a fantastic return on investment; in fact, a recent study showed some companies get a whopping thirty-eight dollars in return for every one dollar spent on their e-mail campaigns.

This is a staggering number which is achievable if your company can drive effective lead generation and tailor e-mails to speak to your potential customers in a way which persuades them to partner with your company in a consistent manner.

Consider Paid Search Options

On top of cheap options to expand your business, you can also consider the slightly pricier paid advertising route to attract customers. In industries as competitive as manufacturing, paid ads will help you stand out in a unique and distinct manner, letting people find your company in an organic and targeted method. If you choose to pursue the paid advertising route, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Be careful not to break the bank on paid ads, as spending more money doesn’t always translate to generating more leads. The key is to keep keywords in mind and bid creatively on the slots you want to appear in.

Also, research your customers to know exactly what they want and why. The better you know your customers, the easier it will be to find great leads and increase your conversion rates, closing out deals like never before.

Final Thought

The manufacturing industry has been slow to adopt many digital marketing methods which can attract more customers and improve its bottom line, but there are many companies in the field starting to take notice.

To keep up with these companies, your company should optimize all of your content for SEO, research customer profiles, tailor content toward specific demographics and consumer types, and utilize social media.


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