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The Most Effective Road To A Good Night’s Sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of those novelties that seems to surpass even the most stalwart business executives and people who thrive on artistry. Not everybody is immune to insomnia, no matter how hard they try to convince themselves otherwise. Thus, it’s no surprise that a good night’s sleep is considered gold these days, and for good reason.

As our society has risen about a thousand notches with anxiety, overwhelm, busyness, depression, stress, loneliness, poor nutrition, and compromised relationships, it’s as if attaining beyond four or five ‘solid’ hours of sleep is a welcomed commodity of sorts. There’s those who boast about how little rest they get before returning to the grind, and to be fair, this isn’t necessarily a trait to be proud of, no matter how you slice it.

It’s no wonder sleep clinics, and even dentists who treat sleep apnea, are secure in their professions. The amount of sleep deprivation is astounding, and it’s affecting every aspect of our daily lives. There are measures to take, including:

  • Turning off technology an hour or so before bedtime
  • Eliminating, or reducing, alcohol consumption
  • Eating a balanced diet at least three or four hours before it’s time to hit the pillow
  • Evening meditation for 10-20 minutes prior to sleep
  • A walk after dinner to digest and process the day’s happenings

The Technology Factor

Granted, most humans can’t survive in today’s marketplace without some form of technology. We live in a digital age and it’s all consuming and frankly, tiring. The key here is to ensure that whether it be cell phone addiction, late-night computer usage for games and apps, or working into the wee hours of the evening, turning off the blue screen an hour or so before bedtime will aid in the sleep factor.

Technology has a way of grabbing our attention and keeping us engaged. It’s addicting and it’s not entirely healthy in the long run. What also helps is to reduce the amount of light filtration on your devices by changing the screen settings to be less pronounced on the eyes.

Turning off your cell phone and muting the notifications works wonders for brain and eye overload. Also, watching television all night, that’s another tricky allure that can wreak havoc on your sensory overload and affect an ability to have a good night’s sleep.

Alcohol Consumption

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a glass of spirit with dinner every evening. But, to drink to excess will set your internal system into an initial sleep and fatigue mode, then leave you with a nagging headache, not to mention wear off and keep you awake,

Studies have shown that executives and creative types who thrive on after-hours drinks for conversation and inspiration are actually doing themselves more harm than good. Alcohol consumption, when out of control, can affect productivity and motivation.

The impact on sleep has everything to do with the sugar content of every type of alcohol, not to mention how drinking completely impairs your thought process. Best to stick to one glass with dinner, and not drink to drown out your sorrows. Work and sleep will definitely suffer as a result.

Eating a Healthy Diet

Proper nutrition is at the forefront of healthy sleep. Too much sugar or salt and your entire body can go up in flames, leaving your tossing and turning all night. If you’re at the office and have zero access to good food, plan on packing your lunch the night beforehand and bringing healthy snacks and decent nutrition to the office.

If there’s one thing that will kill a good night’s sleep, it’s eating late, eating too much, eating processed foods, and never giving your digestive system a chance to rest. Creatives are champions of trying different and unique meals, mainly because of their innovative brains. However, when on a deadline, there’s a tendency to reach for the worst, and quickest meals, that will inevitably do more harm than good for a decent night’s rest. Eat light and eat right at night, that’s the motto.

Meditation And Winding Down

You’ve put in long and tireless hours on projects and Zoom calls, and collaborating with everyone who needs something from you. The best, and most effective, healing remedy after a full day’s work is to stop, breathe, stretch, and give thanks. Meditation isn’t for just the spiritual gurus who profess these modalities; it’s more so for everyone who is on overdrive.

Practice gentle yoga before bedtime. Close your laptop and carve out the 10-30 minutes of deep meditation, slowing down, being in the moment, and feeling appreciative for all that’s gotten you to the top of the heap in business and in artistic endeavors. Once your head hits the pillow after some quality restorative practices of winding down, you’ll be amazed at how natural sleep becomes.

Clearing your mind, opening your heart, stretching your bound-up limbs from sitting all day, this is the protocol that will ensure hours of nonstop rest isn’t far behind.

An Evening Walk

There’s nothing more stimulating, and yet equally relaxing, than a stroll after dinner. No matter your location, it’s one of the most simple ways to help the digestion process, to catch up on the day’s happenings with your partner, to stop and smell the roses, and to simply move the body after an all-day affair at the office. If solo, it’s a wonderful opportunity to fire up your imagination with all of nature’s offerings.

If partnered, some of the most fruitful conversations occur when the body is stimulated through movement, such as walking. It’s also the easiest and most convenient way to exercise both the heart and the mind. As business people or creative types, walking has been confirmed to ease tension and stress, reduce depression, combat overwhelm, and breathe in fresh air. If weather is a challenge, dress accordingly and still make it a point to get endorphins going for a successful night’s sleep.

In A Nutshell

For every corporate executive, employee who punches a clock, or a creative artist who needs inspiration, the only road to a good night’s sleep is living a balanced and harmonious life. Sure it sounds easier said than done, yet taking it one step at a time, one day at a time, will provide rewards once it’s time to hit the sack. Never underestimate a good night’s sleep for productivity. In fact, it’s the only mode of basics that we really can’t live without.

Waking up refreshed, having dream recall, smiling versus dragging yourself to the office, these are all necessities that make up standards of the highest qualities of living.


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