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Utilizing Google Trends To Enhance Marketing Content

Content marketing has caught fire in recent years as a way to turn heads and attract the maximum number of eyes on your business and the products and services you sell. Content marketing is not always, easy, however, and takes years of experience and expertise to learn and master.

Google has a tool which helps you create better and more favorable content more easily, called Google Trends. This tool is great for keeping your content fresh and up to the minute. It also contains many features to check on competition and enhance your existing your content. Here are five ways you can use Google Trends in your favor.

  • Find trending topics and enhanced keywords
  • Upgrade your keywords by searching video-specific sites
  • Streamline your schedule with activity time insights

Find Topics Which Are Relevant Or Trending

Finding interesting and relevant topics is difficult. Your company may not fit into what’s trending all the time and using the same pieces of news to come up with your topics can sometimes get old for your users and customers. Google Trends gives you a new lease on this topical life by providing you with topics which are guaranteed to be trending at the time of your writing about them.

There’s a slew of tools within the Google Trends dashboard which help you visualize the topics you write about in a fun and interesting way. Choosing topics from Google Trends will help your company choose subjects which are both relevant to your company and to your target audience. Trends even has a feature called Google Correlate which taps into what your customer base is interested in and emphasizes these topics for your business, so you can always drive easy and assured interest.

Improve Keyword Viability

Your content needs more than to be catchy and intelligent. Great content is that which is properly optimized for SEO and can maximize the benefits of this amazing concept. Google Trends can help you achieve maximum SEO efficiency by giving you access to great keywords. It’s as simple as accessing the Trending Searches tab and getting real time data into what people are searching for and the questions they want answered.

You can even type in your own terms to see how often they’re being searched for by your region and the nation at large. You can use this information to custom tailor keywords which resonate with your audience will be searched more often by both your existing and prospective customers. Keyword research has never been so easy.

Improve Your Video Content

In recent years, the power of social media has been tapped into. If your company has already discovered this vein of lucrative and effective content, you know that visual content works best for this purpose. Google Trends can help you create videos which improve SEO much in the same way traditional keywords do. When searching for video ideas and trends, Google Trends gives a great number of filters, including web search, news search, image search, and YouTube search.

These filters help you identify why, when, and how people are searching for new video topics to explore and visual content to watch as they relax or learn about exciting new topics. When traditional keywords wane, they’re sometimes balanced out by people searching for those same keywords for videos, on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Take advantage of this information and keep up with people’s interests in real time.

Utilize Related Queries

One of the most interesting things about Google Trends it the “related queries” tab. This section of the software allows you to research and explore what your competitors are up to in your industry and how it’s working for them. You can use this information to get a leg up on your competitors or augment their style and content to learn what works and what doesn’t before you try it for yourself.

In addition, you can use the tab to learn if there are other, more specific keywords and phrases you can use to drive more traffic to your site. The related queries tab is a miniature hub to learn what’s working in the industry and what could be improved upon. Take a look and use the information for yourself if you decide to download and use Google Trends.

Easily Schedule Your Content Publishing

One of the most frustrating components of marketing content for large businesses is navigating exactly when and how to publish their content. The schedule must be frequent enough to keep the attention of your users and customers, but not so frequent that fatigue begins to set in. Google Trends can help you navigate this problem as well by giving you clear and real time information about the weekly and monthly searching activity.

For example, learn which phrases are being searched for the most on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or how often people are searching “Near Me” on the weekends compared to the weekends. The information from this tab will give you a more accurate and detailed impression of when to upload your content and how to engage with customers depending on when your engagement attempts are in full swing.


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