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Video Editing For The Beginner

  • Make technology work for you by using good software and a computer that can keep up with work demands.
  • Staying organized will save you time and help streamline your workflow.
  • Learn to speak the video editing language so you can effectively communicate with other editors.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to shave time off your work without sacrificing results.
  • Consider the big picture and know that there is more to video editing than just assembling footage.

If you’re ready to enter the world of video editing, you may have found that it can be overwhelming to learn the lingo and produce high-quality videos that evoke emotion and clearly deliver a message. Anything worth doing doesn’t come easy. Taking the time to master the craft of video editing can be challenging but it will undoubtedly pay off in the end. If you’re struggling to make heads or tails of where to turn, check out these tips to help you make the most of your video editing endeavors.

Make Technology Work For You

Technology was created to help simplify whatever application we use it in. In order to deliver high-quality results, you’ll need to research and invest in high-quality software and hardware. Not all software is created equal and it’s up to you to find something that fits your own editing style and preferences.

It’s critical to your success to invest in a computer that can handle the amount of video editing you’ll be doing. Video files can take up massive amounts of space and running editing software can quickly bog down your computer. A faster SSD drive, more RAM, and a video card can all help you increase your computer’s speed capability.

Organization Equals Success

Just like with anything in life, organization leads to success. Keep your files organized in places that you can quickly access them. Time is money so the less time you spend rummaging around your desktop or flash drives for files, the more time you have to be making video content that can net you additional income.

Learn The Lingo

If you want to learn from others in the field, it’s best to start learning the language of video editing. This will also help you effectively communicate with any other editors that you end up collaborating with. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Montage: Assembled shots and scenes that make a cohesive piece.
  • L Cut: Video comes before audio.
  • J Cut: Audio comes before video.
  • Match Cut or Match Action: Putting two similar shots or scenes together. 
  • Jump Cuts: Cutting out boring scenes.
  • Cutaways: Transition points that help set the mood of the piece.

Use Shortcuts

When it comes to video editing, you can absolutely use shortcuts without sacrificing the end result. More specifically, keyboard shortcuts are a huge help. Did you know you can actually buy a video editing keyboard? These come specific to whatever software you’re using, which is another reason why it’s important to choose software that is a good fit for you as you read above. If purchasing a video editing keyboard isn’t in your budget, you can still achieve the same results by memorizing the keyboard shortcuts available on your regular keyboard. These shortcuts on a regular keyboard are also software specific.

Look At The Big Picture

Video editing is so much more than cutting and assembling shots and scenes. Color balance is important to maintaining consistency throughout the entire piece. Additionally, music plays a massive role in conveying a video’s emotions and messages. Using music enables you to evoke emotions in the audience while helping them stay engaged in the video itself.

Consistency Is Key

From the very inception of any editing project to the final polished result, maintaining consistency is the key to delivering an excellent product. This consistency starts from the moment you choose your software. Setting yourself up for success with wise software and hardware choices will only help propel your work forward. Follow the storyline and emotions throughout the project and remember to keep everything visually and audibly consistent.

Keep Pushing Yourself To New Levels Of Success

Be prepared for setbacks and days filled with frustration. Great things take time to achieve. Your success in video editing is entirely within your reach. Seek advice from people with more experience. Learn from their mistakes and study their successes and pretty soon you’ll be on your way to mastering the art of video editing.


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