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What’s The Difference Between Blogging and Copywriting ?

Blogs have proliferated in both personal spheres and the business world over the last few years. But what’s the difference between writing content in a blog and writing content in the form of copywriting?

The short answer: a blogger shares personal insights and opinions while a copywriter tries to persuade and sell products or services. Both fields are similar but there are more key differences. Here’s six more differences between a blogger and a copywriter.

  • Bloggers are paid less and must garner their own following but usually work for themselves
  • Copywriters must speak more formally to persuade consumers to purchase products or services
  • The day-to-day lives of bloggers are lonelier but less tense than copywriter’s


There are many places to buy the services of bloggers, such as People Per Hour and other content mills. However, bloggers are usually paid by the word, which means they’re paid far less than copywriters. Copywriters charge by the project, which translates to significantly more money.

Copywriters are able to charge more because their job requires more time and research; they must analyze the client brief, discuss any important details with the client, brainstorm great ideas on how to persuade customers to buy what they’re trying to sell, and actually write or design their final product.

Some copywriters are also paid for revisions. This is all far more work than a blogger does, as they’re insights are usually more personal and based on opinion and subjectivity.

Content For Each Profession

Bloggers typically have no limitations on what they write unless they’re writing a specific piece for a client. These people write about subjects they’re interested in and what they think will appeal to others. They write for themselves, meaning they use their own unique voice, style, and format to try and entertain and inform others about subjects close to their heart.

Bloggers are capable of building up a large following with trusted content, but they start out small and unknown most every time. A copywriter, however, is paid to promote the client’s brand and mostly skip the step of building up a massive following. The brand most likely already has a following of some sort and the copywriter’s job is to persuade that following into taking an action.

The Paths Are Different

Bloggers are usually far more “self-made” than copywriters; bloggers must start writing on their own with no following and write form their hearts, finding their voice, style, and tone as they go through the process.

It takes hard work and years of dedicated time for bloggers to develop a proper following which allows them to write full-time. A copywriter takes a completely different path to launch their career.

Copywriters usually team up with other creative professionals and try to gain work experience in the field and through an ad agency. They must build up a professional portfolio and hopefully win some awards along the way.

The process is more formal and there are others to please in the realm of copywriting who don’t exist for bloggers. Copywriters also have bosses and clients to answer to, unlike bloggers, who work for themselves most of the time.

Formal Vs. Informal Writing

As previously alluded to, bloggers write in their own unique voice and style. This is usually informal and creative; in the same way an author would write a subjective point-of-view novel. Their techniques are their own and formed from their own perspectives and experiences. A copywriter, however, will need a much more formal and “trained” voice to persuade and write effective copy.

Clients will oftentimes dictate the tone, style, and sometimes even the word choice a copywriter must use, making the process more formal and, frankly, not as much fun as a blog. Copywriters must also write in such a way that expresses knowledge about whatever they’re writing about in any particular week with varying degrees of authority.

Motivations Are Different

Bloggers and copywriters oftentimes lead very different lives. The motivation to pursue writing, both when you’re trying to make it big and after the fact can be very different. Bloggers are often lonelier and possess a spirit of self-preservation which drives them onward. Bloggers must keep writing to stay alive, as they must produce content on a frequent basis which they think their fans will love and trust.

Many bloggers receive e-mails and other fan letters but don’t know any of the people they’re reaching. Copywriters are closer to a nine-to-five job surrounded by other people in the industry. They must remain professional and try to please the most amount of people possible while trying to be creative and unique to drive sales and audience views.

Word Count

Finally, bloggers and copywriters deal with vastly different amounts of space in their writing. Bloggers must write more words to both fill out their content for SEO purposes and because there’s no space limit like an ad or a television script. They can drone on to their liking until they believe their point has come across.

Copywriters must deal with limited space and write in short, concise sentences to avoid spilling over on a printed ad or a commercial with limited time to play. Bloggers can speak from their heart, but copywriters most often have to speak from their clients’ wallets.

Final Thought

On the surface, blogging and copywriting seem like the same profession, but there are quite a few differences. Bloggers have more room to speak from their heart but are paid less than copywriters, who have limited space to speak with a formal tone and persuade consumers.


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