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When Do You Need A Web Designer Versus A Web Developer?

As a business leader, you know the importance of a strong online presence. Everything from your Instagram captions to your blog posts needs to reflect your company well and align with your brand identity.

While social media is important, the most fundamental part of any company’s web presence is its website.

Launching a website requires a team of individuals who are skilled in programming and design – and, of course, the company decision makers. Two of the most important members of this team are the Web Designer and Web Developer.

Who are each of these team players? What do they do to help make your company website successful? In the next two sections, you’ll learn the details about:

  • the web developer role and responsibilities
  • the web designer role and responsibilities
  • how the two work together

Web Developers Are The Foundation

When it comes to building (or rebuilding) your website, web developers are key. Typically, a web developer will have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and have expertise in the three core programming concepts: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Web developers are the builders who construct the foundation of your website. They code the website using software that will help it to run smoothly for anyone who visits it. There are different types of developers, including front end, back end, and full stack developers.

Front end developers work on what the visitors to your website see, while back end developers work on the underlying structure and function of the site. Full stack developers work on both front and back end issues.

Web developers work on responsive web design, which is the part of the process that makes it so that your website will look great on any size screen.

In summary, web developers are the foundation of the website creation process. So, what is it that web designers do?

Web Designers Are The Artists

Web designers make sure your website has a voice. They bring together the look, layout, and features of a website. By producing the key design elements – primarily logos and templates – web designers help make sure that your branding is consistent online.

Because they need to know how to create visuals that hook in your target market, web designers oftentimes have a background in graphic design. They understand how typography (font choice, color, and size) blends with visual elements (logos, photographs, and data visualization) to present a cohesive brand identity to anyone who visits your company’s website or business social media accounts. Web designers can create templates to be used on the business social media accounts as well.

Oftentimes, web designers will focus on your site layout, which is key. A confusing layout can make potential customers leave your website because they’re frustrated.

Web designers also work on the content of a website. They make sure that the written descriptions are in line with your company’s marketing goals and accurately represent your products. A website that promises something it doesn’t actually deliver is another way to turn off potential customers.

Through their understanding of both graphic design and the functions of organizing a website, web designers bring the key skills and knowledge needed to launch a stunning website.

How Web Developers And Designers Work Together

The relationship between web developers and web designers is a close one. Web designers will often work with front end developers, who are also known as client-side developers. Web designers work with developers to make sure that the layout of the site is intuitive. A website that is easy to use will encourage users to spend more time clicking around, and eventually, purchasing an item or two.

Web developers have the technical knowledge needed to build a website that loads fast, doesn’t have any broken links, and works on all different types of screen sizes. Web designers have the creative juices and the experience required to come up with a plan to make the website easy for users to navigate and to engage them through appealing visuals.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, you will need to work with both web developers and web designers to build and launch a website that will attract the customers you want. While web developers are the technical experts, web designers know what a website needs to make sure that people want to spend time in that online environment. A strong partnership between web developers and web designers leads to the creation of a successful website, and ultimately, more leads for your company.


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