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Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Marketing Responsibilities

Marketing is critically important in the age of the internet. It’s even more crucial for owners of small business and startups, as marketing efforts could lead to substantially more customers and profits over the course of your growing years. Marketing is one of the best methods today for maximizing profits and ensuring you’re reaching every possible available customer.

However, there’s been an interesting development over the last several months in the marketing world. Founders of small business, who mostly hold interest in degrees in sales backgrounds, are finding they don’t have the time or inclination to study and research the many small niches in today’s divided, fractured markets. As such, many small businesses today are outsourcing their marketing efforts, in four main areas especially. Here are the four main areas which are being outsourced, with some follow up on the general benefit of outsourcing marketing in today’s day and age.

  • Many areas of marketing are complex and time consuming
  • Outside agencies have more experience and expertise than many business owners
  • Outsourcing marketing improves the internal focus on the business and improves service

Strategic Considerations

To begin with, small businesses are outsourcing their general marketing strategies to larger firms. This can seem impersonal, but it’s an incredibly important step in the process, because strategy dictates the budgeting and viewership potential of any given marketing campaign.

For instance, strategy needs to be agreed upon and set in stone before companies can begin to allocate funds for other critical areas such as SEO, e-mail marketing, or paid search.

There are many marketing avenues which even small businesses can tap into today and researching and assessing all of them takes a fair amount of time and patience before jumping into any one avenue.

Strategy is also needed at stages down the road, such as conversions of potential customers and retaining customers in loyalty programs. In order to utilize all appropriate marketing steps, a great and thought out strategy is invaluable.

Search Engine Optimization Needs

Arguably the most important and emergent step in marketing today, SEO requires many man hours and a great deal of resources and time. The concept of SEO, attracting customers to your site and converting them into paying customers at a higher clip, may seem simple on its surface, but there’s a host of other factors to consider for great SEO capabilities.

SEO is a slow and steady process which combs slowly through a website to gauge and improve its accessibility, user experience, content development and UX factors. Outsourcing this process allows small business owners to focus on their company while allowing marketing experts to tinker with and improve their site, ultimately leading more customers and greater conversions.

Automating The Essentials

Marketing automation serves a litany of purposes, much like SEO. Primarily, however, automation is used to increase both leads and conversions, guaranteeing more potential and concrete sales for small businesses and small business owners. Great automation is all but guaranteed to bring new leads to a company, but the inconvenient truth is that automation is rarely done well at small companies.

Smaller companies and their owners simply don’t have the time, resources, or skills to generate proper and effective automation. Sure, they can accomplish some steps in the process, such as creating mailing lists, but there are many steps to automation and small businesses often become bogged down in the minutia of this process before they can fully implement the automation process they would like to.It also doesn’t help that automation is generally a confusing and deceptively labor-intensive process which small business owners are increasingly trying to wrap their heads around.

Hiring And Utilizing Influencers Effectively

Influencer marketing is one of the most misunderstood and fragmented marketing strategies which exists today. Many small businesses view influencer practices as simply trying to get a minor celebrity to say something positive about their brand, but the practice is so much more than this when executed properly.

Great influencer marketing, like any type of marketing, takes substantial time to build and execute, and small businesses must have the know-how and connections to properly pull off this ambitious and specific marketing technique.

One of the most frustrating components to influencer marketing is the fact that trends are always shifting, always changing, which means that the time spent trying to procure an influencer and build a relationship may be wasted, as that influencer’s influence may steadily or rapidly decline during such a time. Large agencies, however, are up to date and tuned in to trends daily and know exactly which buttons to press to create and execute an efficient influencer campaign.

Benefits Of Outsourcing

There are many benefits to outsourcing your marketing, particularly the specific areas listed above. To being with, there are people with more knowledge and experience in these fields than yourself or your company, and their know-how can come in clutch at both a moment’s notice and on a daily basis.

Secondly, an agency will streamline your timeline and deliver results to you which are consistent in their quality and scope; many of these results don’t have to be prohibitively expensive either. There are many agencies, all with their own costs and savings.

Finally, working with an outside agency simply more time and energy for you to focus on your own business and products or services you provide your customers. This return to an internal focus can improve your company and lead to breakthroughs which will improve your marketing on their own merits.


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