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Why Your Business Should Start Using YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform in the world, viewed by millions of unique users every day. The platform is free to use and trusted by users who watch videos covering every category under the sun. If you learn the ins and outs of the platform, there’s no limit to the benefits your company will see once you’ve got a channel up and running.

  • YouTube combines originality with great SEO capability
  • There are many auxiliary content items which pair well with videos
  • The site drives engagement and interaction like no other

YouTube Keeps Your Content Fresh

Many businesses find their content getting stale after a few creative cycles, but this is a problem YouTube creators rarely encounter. The platform is great for inspiring new avenues of thought and helping companies think outside the box.

Creators who try to ride the coattails of previously established creators find that viewers don’t want the same content twice. Viewers are always eager and excited to move to the next video, the next tutorial or product, so they won’t click on a video that’s clearly trying to duplicate one they’ve already seen.

Original content, however, satisfies the desire to watch new and exciting content that feels fresh and original. This feeling is a form of value to the YouTube user, the feeling of excitement and newness which drives them to use the platform in the first place.

It’s also this value of originality which will keep your company creatively spry and original on a daily basis. Your strategy doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark either, as you can reach out to your user base and ask them what sort of content they’d like to watch, then tailor your video to fit the needs of those customers.

Take Control Of Your SEO

Google owns YouTube and uses many of the same algorithmic techniques to find and rank videos. YouTube will also greatly increase the SEO capabilities of your other webpages, as video is far more likely to rank highly than text-based content.

To maximize your YouTube marketing plan, you must have a firm knowledge of popular keywords. Using keywords and tailoring your videos to the search algorithm will increase your view count give your whole company a boost, both on your YouTube channel and your company’s own website.

The keyword generation process isn’t complicated. First, come up with some keywords that answer your clients’ questions and cater to their needs. Next, type in those examples into YouTube and look at the search results.

You want keywords that generate a high number of results, as this indicates your keywords have been searched numerous times and the topic or answer is one many people want to view. You’ll also want to add these keywords to your title and description.

Finally, create some tags using your keywords. Tags are not seen by viewers unless the option is enabled but they’re still important for telling the algorithm what your video is about and who it should be shared with.

Using YouTube to drive SEO is a great strategy to get eyes on your company and drive general audiences toward your offerings through your business’ website.

Blogs Are Natural Companions To YouTube Videos

Blogs are the most important, far-reaching, and actionable form of marketing content on the web right now and they pair perfectly with video tutorials or other instructional videos for your customers.

Additionally, you can always link your video within your blog, doubling down on views and growing your brand from multiple avenues at once. An insightful, well-written blog is a natural gateway to your YouTube channel, as many people would prefer to watch video content than read about the same content.

A witty, engaging blog will entice your reader to spend more time with your brand, starting a journey of discovery that should lead to more sales and more trust between you and the customer.

Whatever your ultimate goal, pairing your video with a blog always creates a multidimensional presentation which enhances professionalism and further engages the customer.

Grow Closer To Your Community And Cherished Customers

YouTube may be a video hosting site, but you can be as active on it as you are on other, simpler, shorter forms of social media. You can make short video updates about what’s happening in the company or if you release a new product.

In addition, YouTube is easily connected to other social media sites. Linking up all of your social media helps keep your company focused on one vision and promotes synergy within the corporate environment.

Furthermore, being active on the videos themselves is a surefire way to build trust and intimacy with your audience. You can comment on your own videos and communicate with viewers, discussing the video topic or branching out into other areas.

Focusing on your brand is nice but building a relationship with viewers is a great way to establish the trust and relatability so integral to being a popular content creator on YouTube.

YouTube Is Great For Building EMail Lists

Social media and search engines aren’t the only connective tissue of YouTube’s growing popularity. When you create content which users value and engage with, you’re also creating a streamlined process to building a great and effective e-mail list for years to come.

There’s software available which will allow you to embed your sign up form directly into your YouTube videos, letting you build email lists while your viewers watch and enjoy the content you’ve made. All a user has to do is pause the video to enter their email address and subscribe to your list, the process couldn’t be simpler.

YouTube’s email building function is great for any company which can’t provide the necessary resources or time to build their own email list, or those which simply don’t know where to start.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is a great platform for companies who want to connect with their customers and share videos about who they are and what they do and sell. There are a myriad of opportunities which arise from using YouTube as part of your social media strategy, including the creation of videos to host on your company’s website, increased SEO capabilities, and getting active in your community like never before.


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