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Flocksy’s Guide To Creating Visual Assets For Musicians

Stunning visuals are a marketing must for any product or service. Human beings are intensely visual creatures, and we are conditioned to take notice of imagery that is mentally and emotionally stimulating.

As a musician, your music is your product, and you will need to market your wares using visual assets in much the same way as any other vendor. Of course, the creative nature of your particular offering lends itself to even greater opportunities to really push the envelope with the creation of visual assets to draw attention to your talent.

Flocksy’s unique all-in-one creative services platform is well-suited to act as a perfect partner in the visual marketing of your music. One flat-rate monthly subscription grants you access to a wide range of creatives able to create all of the unique visual branding tools needed to market your music to the masses.

Let’s explore some of the visual asset projects you can complete with Flocksy.


Album Artwork

When it comes to visual representations of a musician and their music, the album artwork reigns supreme in showcasing the style, theme, and genre of the artist to the audience. These visuals are so closely associated with the musicians and albums that they represent that they often become collectible items in their own right.

Flocksy’s talented graphic designers and illustrators can help distill your unique musical style and vision into the perfect visual designed to grab consumer attention and give your album a professional look and feel. You never know, this early album release may be auctioned for millions as a collectible one day.

Album Teaser

An album teaser provides a short glimpse of your music and your unique style to whet the audience’s appetite for more. This quick peek can take the shape of a brief video snippet or graphic. Creating a truly enticing album teaser requires a knack for timing and the ability to capture the true essence of what makes your music great in one brief set of frames.

An expert video editing team will take the time to get an understanding of your musical sound and performance high points. They will then use their unique skill to tease out the most impactful moments of your video files to create an exciting album teaser that leaves viewers ready to see and hear more.


Music Videos

The music video is a well-known and much-loved aspect of the music industry. While you can certainly make a career as a musician without a music video, the power of the visual accompaniment to your songs is undeniable.

Thinking back to the launch of the original MTV, back when the format was almost exclusively consumed by back-to-back music videos, these short cinematic representations of top hit songs held an entire generation transfixed for hours on end. Though the MTV format has changed, the power of a well-made music video still retains the ability to command our attention and evoke strong emotions in viewers. Better still, video-sharing sites like YouTube, Instagram, and others make it easier than ever to get your music videos in front of a wide audience.

This means that rather than wait for a chart-topping hit before creating a music video, musicians today can use the impact of a well-made music video to help their top songs climb the charts instead.

Album Track List

It can be easy to get caught up in designing the major visual elements of your album cover and promotional materials. Don’t neglect the finer points that will play their own role in presenting your music in a professional light.

Consider the album track list. When a consumer first picks up your latest CD, the first thing they are likely to do is flip it over and examine the album track list to discover which songs are included on the album. Take some care to present your album track list in a font that blends well with the overall theme of your album cover design and stands out enough to make it easily readable.

Working with the same team of designers through Flocksy’s all-in-one service will make it easier to ensure that all of your unique design elements blend seamlessly from one visual asset to the next.

musician-album-promotional-photos-by Flocksy

Album Promotional Photos

As you begin promoting your music in earnest, you will need to procure a set of high-quality promotional photos of yourself if you are a solo artist or the band if your music is a group effort. These high-quality photos will be used to promote your act by media outlets, performance venues, and music promoters. These images often include a selection of both posed studio headshots and live-action shots designed to capture the personality and vibe of your music.


Merchandise Designs

Merchandise sales can certainly help to bolster the budget for a musician. However, well-designed merch is also a great form of “free” advertising. The better your designs, the more likely that your fans will want to purchase t-shirts, posters, hats, keychains, stickers, and more. The more people who are out there wearing clothing emblazoned with your designs or toting water bottles sporting your band name, the better the chances that others will want to know more about who you are and the type of music you produce.

Flocksy’s graphic designers and illustrators are experts at creating professional eye-catching designs that your fans will be proud to show off.

Tour Posters

Tour posters are another staple of the music promotion industry. You will need high-quality graphic design, often coupled with professional photography, to distribute to music venues and concert promoters ahead of all of your scheduled tour dates and appearances. Well-executed tour posters with iconic imagery can even become coveted collectibles in their own right and are often sold as merchandise at each venue.

The team at Flocksy can help you create tour posters that clearly display your upcoming tour dates and promote your album and associated tour. They will also be able to add that extra dose of creativity and excitement that can help transform your tour poster from a simple advertising tool to a valuable souvenir as well.


Social Media Graphics

Social Media platforms can be a music producer’s best friend. Prepare a variety of attention-grabbing banners and social posts to help promote your latest album or upcoming tour dates.

An all-in-one Flocksty creative subscription package can offer all the graphic design and illustration talent that you need to create awesome social media posts. You will also have access to skilled copywriters who can help you craft engaging content to promote your music on all the top social media platforms, with unique posts and advertisements custom-tailored for each platform.

Digital Advertisements

The music industry has a unique connection to digital media platforms. These two mediums operate synergistically to promote the discovery of new, fresh musical talent. That means that no music promotion campaign is complete without digital advertisement outreach to media platforms like Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Google Ads, and more.

Digital advertising allows musicians and bands to purchase paid advertising spots on top media platforms. In some cases, these advertisements may take the shape of sponsored video clips or branded promotional audio clips distributed to the platform’s audience for a fee. These high-value advertising spots can come with a fairly steep price tag attached, so it is important to ensure that you are making the most out of every second of exposure.

The professional video and audio editing experts at Flocksy can help you create the ultimate short video or audio clip to showcase your music across the most popular digital media platforms.


Press Kit

In the not-so-distant past, a musician’s press kit consisted of a vinyl, CD, or cassette copy of the musician’s latest album or a sampler compilation of songs, as well as some free merchandise. The kits were generally sent out to local music stations and concert promoters ahead of an album release or tour launch. Today the electronic press kit (EPK) has largely eclipsed the original physical format, though physical materials may still be distributed to major media outlets in some cases.

Music producers can cover all of their bases by ensuring that they have a ready supply of both digital and physical promotional materials ready to supply to media outlets in whatever format they prefer. This is where having an all-in-one subscription service will come in handy. With just a day or so of notice, you can have your Flocksy creative team create the specific digital assets and physical designs needed to supply promotional materials to a wide range of media outlets.

Album Sampler

An album sampler or compilation album is a great tool for bands or musicians who are just getting started and want to ensure that potential promoters hear the very best work first. Rather than providing the entire album to a media outlet or a music promoter, the musician supplies a small compilation of their very best work instead. Think of it as a musical highlight reel. Of course, choosing which works to include, the order in which the songs should be featured, and how to design the sampler album cover art and tracklist often requires enlisting the objective assistance of other creatives.

A multi-faceted creative service like Flocksy can help musicians draw together all of the creative expertise they need to create compelling sampler albums that spotlight what makes their music truly magical.


Tour Dates

The primary focus of any live tour is to fill every venue with eager, paying fans. This requires a great deal of pre-planning and promotion to ensure that fans know when their favorite musician will be in their area, where they can purchase tickets, and how much they should budget for the purchase. Music producers distribute this crucial information in digital advertisements posted on the artist’s website, social media platforms, and digital music channels. Physical tour date cards, flyers, and posters are also distributed to music and event venues for display ahead of the scheduled tour.

This is yet another area where a variety of creative talents will need to be pulled together to create the wide range of promotional materials needed to get the word out across multiple channels.


All Of Your Creative Services Under One Roof

Flocksy offers musicians and music producers all the creative services they need to promote their music with graphics, illustrations, video, and audio designed for use in both digital advertising and physical promotion.

Get stunning, creative designs for your band merch and album covers. Work with talented video editors and audio experts to create exciting samples, videos, and promo reels. Tie it all together with compelling marketing copy written by skilled copywriters. There is no need to pay a separate fee for each service or negotiate with a rotating door of different creatives.

Flocksy brings the whole creative team together under one roof and offers all the services you need for one monthly flat-rate cost. No contracts. No surprises. Simply sign-up and start requesting the creative work you need using Flocksy’s intuitive project dashboard. Your creative team will get to work on your projects in the order that they are posted and will deliver your first results, generally within 24 to 48 hours or less.

Let Flocksy help you take your music promotion game to the next level today!


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