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A Guide To Awesome Tattoo Design

A tattoo is an artistic reflection of your personal style and life story rendered on your skin. It is a big commitment, so you are going to want a design that you will be proud to show off for years to come.  So, how do you get the perfect tattoo design, especially if you have no artistic background or design skill?

While you can certainly approach local tattoo artists to commission a piece, your design options may be limited by the number of different tattoo artists in your location, and their particular design styles and abilities.

Having a professional designer draw up your tattoo can ensure you get the perfect piece of art to take to the tattoo artist whenever you’re ready to hop in the chair.

If you’re ready to start designing your first (or next) tattoo, here are a few of the basics that you’ll want to know.


Consider Hiring A Tattoo Art Designer

Assuming that you will want to avoid the discomfort and expense of laser tattoo removal, you will be wearing your tattoo design on your skin for a lifetime. That alone certainly warrants taking some extra effort to make sure that your tattoo is masterfully designed. No matter the subject or style of your tattoo you will want a design that is aesthetically pleasing and well-thought out. A professional tattoo designer will have the expertise and artistic skill to create an awesome tattoo that will look amazing on your skin.

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Find The Right Tattoo Designer For You

When you’re looking for someone to design something as personal and as permanent as a tattoo, you’ll want to be sure they have solid background experience in design, art, drawing, and/or illustrations. You’ll want to look for someone who is passionate about creating tattoo designs and has a creative imagination. Another fantastic way to measure their skills is to look at a portfolio of their work so that you can determine if they have the right style to suit your tastes.


Understanding The Tattoo Design Process

When you commission a tattoo design, the first thing the artist will want to know is where you plan to orient the image on your skin. This is one of many unique aspects of the tattoo design process. The designer will need to understand which particular body part, or body area will be sporting the tattoo in order to properly scale the design to the location.

You’ll also want to provide them with references or notes depicting exactly what sort of design you are looking for. Be as thorough as possible for the best results. Include examples, or descriptions of the overall style, the colors, essential details, how large (or small)  you want the tattoo to be, and anything else that seems important to the design.

Once you’ve come up with a description of what you want and shared a few visual inspiration pieces, the artist should be well-prepared to start drafting up design renderings for you to choose from.


Why Is Good Tattoo Design Important?

No matter whether you are getting your first tattoo or your fortieth, you want to be proud of the artwork displayed on your body. After all, when your skin is the artistic canvas, you can’t simply take down the art and tuck it away in a closet or toss it in the next yard sale when you decide you don’t love it anymore.  No matter the subject matter or style of your tattoo, professional tattoo art will ensure that your personal body art gallery always looks amazing and you never have to experience the regret of an impulse tattoo design that doesn’t stand the test of time.


Why Is It Helpful To Have A Custom Tattoo Design Before Your Tattoo Appointment?

By having your custom tattoo design with you when you go to the tattoo shop, you can save time and ensure you’re getting the exact design you want. While tattoo artists can commission designs for you, this can add significant time (and expense) to the tattoo process. Having a professional design in hand will let your tattoo artist get right to work doing what they do best.


How To Get A Beautifully Designed Tattoo

Choosing the right artist to create your tattoo design, and starting the collaboration process can be overwhelming. The internet is filled with a dizzying array of options for designers and artists. How do you know which designer to choose, and how to get started?

You could go to a freelance marketplace and hunt for an artist offering tattoo designs that appeal to you. However, the quality of results on these marketplaces can be hit-or-miss, and turnaround times can vary quite a bit, from a few days to a few months. If you don’t love the results, you may have trouble getting the design revised.  Freelancers often limit the number of revisions they’re willing to provide. 


Fortunately, you have options beyond your local tattoo shop, or the wild-west environment of the large freelance marketplaces. Flocksy offers beautiful tattoo designs custom created for you as a part of our monthly graphic design service.

What’s more, your monthly subscription won’t just get you unlimited tattoo designs, you will also get access to an array of creative services from banners, posters, and web design to social media ads to videos to custom illustrations. We can even provide copywriting. Why not get the creative or marketing assets you need for your small-business, your blog, or your other creative projects all under one roof for one flat rate with no contract?

We’d love to help you bring your skin art vision to life. You can be sure that Flocksy’s professional designers will deliver a tattoo that you’ll be proud to wear for the rest of your life. Every request comes with unlimited revisions, meaning that your artist will work with you to make sure that the final design is absolutely perfect. We won’t close out the project until you’re completely satisfied with your artwork. After all, you’ll be a walking testament to our work and the holder of this custom art forever, so we want to make sure we get it just right.

No matter what type of design work you may need, when you partner with Flocksy you are working with a team of professionals. Your creatives are available to discuss your design needs, revisions, and ideas through the Flocksy dashboard under the guidance of an experienced project manager who will help ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Getting An Awesome Tattoo Designed By Flocksy

Starting a “tattoo design” project with Flocksy is easy. Head to the intuitive dashboard and click on “Create new project” This will open the project request page. Now, choose “graphic design project” and then pick “tattoo art” from the drop-down options. Use the project brief, to show and tell your artist everything they need to design your tattoo, from what you would like it to look like to where you will be placing it on your body.

Be sure to include several references to styles and images of tattoos you like, any wording you would like, your preferred style and color palette, and a detailed description or sketch of how you want the overall design to look on your body.

Your graphic artist will design a beautiful piece of art and deliver it to you in any file size or format your tattoo artist needs, whether that be digital or via print. We can also provide you with any other files or formats you might need if your tattoo artist requires something specific.

Whenever you need something drawn, designed, or created for personal or business use, Flocksy is your ideal creative partner. Check us out now, and be sure to schedule a demo to see how user-friendly our dashboard is. Now let’s get you that perfect custom tattoo for your next sleeve, back piece, memorial tattoo, and more.

Start your tattoo design project today!


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