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Why Facebook Marketing Is Still Important In 2023

Anyone coming of age between 2002 and 2008 would have been familiar with MySpace. Considered one of the first social media platforms (and an introduction to coding for most millennials) — MySpace was loved by teens, musicians, and anyone looking to meet people and share ideas. Ultimately, the platform fizzled out (thanks to poor spending, stiff competition, and a faulty interface), and a brand new platform took center stage — Facebook. Unlike MySpace, Facebook went from a small invite-only platform for college students to one of the top social media platforms in the world, with 2.98 billion active monthly users in 2023.


Photo by Lance Reis on Unsplash

While other apps like TikTok and Instagram have surged in popularity recently, every business still needs a solid Facebook marketing strategy to reach a worldwide audience. At Flocksy, our team of creatives can create professional, exciting Facebook content to grow your reach.

4 Advantages Of Facebook Marketing For Your Business


Facebook is one site that functions as a variety of marketing platforms businesses can use. Companies can promote themselves to a large and diverse audience with a Facebook page, generate leads through targeted ads, or create groups to foster community around their brand. Here are the 4 reasons your business should use Facebook.

1. Target Your Ideal Customer With Facebook Ads

Facebook has a highly detailed ad targeting system. Their ad targeting criteria let you pinpoint specific groups of people based on gender, age, location, interests, behaviors, recent purchases, and more. These targeted ads allow you to create an ad campaign around your customers or specific marketing goals instead of promoting your ad to a general audience. 


Not only can you generate leads with Facebook ads, but Facebook’s “Insights” provide in-depth analytics on your free and paid posts. The platform gathers information on page visitors, giving you a better understanding of your user base and helping you to determine if you’re targeting the right people for your products. The Insights section can also help you customize your posts, tone, and content to appeal to your target audience more specifically.

2. Facebook Has A Wide Variety Of Ad Types


Facebook Advertising offers ad types other social media channels don’t. You can market your business through photos, videos, stories, messaging, carousel ads, slideshows, ad collections, and even playable demos.

While most social media platforms allow images and videos — messenger ads, collections, and playables are unique to Facebook. You can reach consumers by having your ads appear during Facebook Messenger conversations, allow users to click through to a collection of products through a single collection ad, or create an interactive demo people can play to advertise an app or game.

With Facebook for business, there is much more flexibility than other platforms regarding the type of ads you can create, but ensuring your content looks professional is important for your brand image (especially when promoting your ads to a wide audience). Hiring a professional graphic designer or video editor ensures your Facebook business page is informative, eye-catching, and full of high-quality content. At Flocksy, our creative team can provide your business with on-brand graphics and designs that are sure to create new customers.

3. Facebook Increases Your Brand Visibility


Facebook was the first social media network to gain mainstream success, and as such is one of the most recognizable platforms in the world. Not only are there almost 3 billion active users on the platform, but Facebook is the third-most-visited website in the world. This means you can reach customers internationally and grow your brand visibility tenfold with the right content and ad targeting.

Along with increasing your brand visibility on the platform, Facebook also contributes to your SEO by increasing your brand’s visibility on the web. When you create a public business page, any links you post can be picked up by search engines —  creating better organic traffic to your website and page.

Your Facebook page and interactions with users also provide social proof. Social proof is the concept that people are influenced by those they trust and typically adopt friends’ and family’s opinions or actions. But where does Facebook fit into all of this? Well, Facebook allows people to ‘like’ or rate your business page; when they do, your site will appear on their friend’s newsfeeds. This will encourage others to visit your page and maybe even purchase your products (especially if they see a family member or friend interacting with your content). Users can also like and comment on your pictures, participate in surveys, and ask questions on your page — providing you even more opportunities to create a community, build your brand image, and interact with your target audience.

4. Facebook Is Easy To Use & Affordable


It costs $0 to create a Facebook page for your business. This means Facebook is a cost-effective way to market your business and get your name out there. Besides the free account, the platform also offers a wide range of paid advertising options. You can customize your ad spending by length of time, total budget, and more. Facebook’s average cost-per-click is $1.72 — providing you with an almost guaranteed return on your investment.

If you’re unsure how to market your newest ad campaign, you can test your ads with a $1 daily budget for as long as you want to see what works for your brand. The affordable options Facebook offers are also easy to navigate and user-friendly. Facebook even offers online marketing courses for anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of the platform.

Flocksy Can Create Eye-Catching Facebook Content For Your Business In 24 Hours


We know how time-consuming it can be to create content. Not only do you need to post regularly, but you also need to make sure you’re posting high-quality content that represents your brand well and captures users’ attention.

Our creative team at Flocksy can create Facebook ads, stories, carousel posts, and whatever else you need to grow your reach on Facebook. The more high-quality content you post – the more engagement you will see. We can quickly create the content you need that your audience will love.

It’s easy to create a project on Flocksy. Simply choose your plan, click “Start a new project,” and choose the “Facebook ad or post” subcategory under graphic design. Need a video or video ad edited? No worries! Simply choose the “Video editing” category, and our creatives will deliver high-resolution videos to your inbox in less than 2 days. Now that Flocksy is on your side, you’ll easily reach Facebook’s extensive audience.


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