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Why Product Labels Are Essential To Your Brand

We’ve all been there. Staring up at a shelf with a dozen or more options for the product we’re trying to buy. Whether it’s paper towels, laundry detergent, or oatmeal — the number of choices can seem endless. Often, we make our decision based on which product looks the best.

This is where product labeling comes in. The labels you put on your product can grab consumers’ attention and convince them that yours is the best choice. Label design can be tricky, and ensuring the information you need fits within the parameters can be a painstaking task. Luckily, Flocksy’s professional graphic designers can create the imagery and design you need for products, packaging, and more!


The Importance Of Product Labels

A label is one of the most essential product features. Product labels inform consumers about your product and convince them to buy it. They also include vital content, such as the presence of allergens or how to use the product correctly. Some product labels require specific information decided by regulatory bodies in each country. For example, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determines food product labeling in the USA. This means any food product on the market has to follow the specific packaging and labeling guidelines the FDA deems necessary. These regulations ensure consumers are fully aware of your product’s content to make safe and accurate decisions.

Another vital aspect of labeling is that it sets your brand apart. Your product’s packaging could feature your brand colors and logo to increase brand recognition. But that isn’t the only area in which labeling can help promote your brand. Product labels could also include tags, content prints, and stickers on the packaging or product. A well-designed label can increase sales, create loyal customers and promote your brand wherever your products are shipped and sold.


Why Product Labeling Is Important For Your Branding

When someone goes to a store like a supermarket or Target, they probably already have an item in mind they’d like to buy. Your product label should quickly explain your product’s actions or the problem it solves while the consumer scans the store shelf for options. Below are the top 3 reasons why product labels are so important, and what product labels can do for your brand.

Product Content

Product labels help consumers stay healthy and avoid anything that could trigger allergies. Labels help customers by including information on nutrition, ingredients, directions, warnings, and other vital details. This information must be as clear as possible so consumers don’t question what your product does or contains. The easier consumers find the information they need, the more likely they will buy your product.

Any consumers with health issues or allergies must check packaging extensively to identify allergens or ingredients they should avoid. Consumers will more readily choose products that clearly and concisely list ingredients and identify potential allergens on their packaging and labeling.

The transparency of your product’s ingredients and content creates trust among your user base. People buy products they understand. The ability to quickly determine what your product is and what it does helps provide a sense of security. Brand loyalty is closely tied to how trustworthy consumers feel your business is, so transparency is key. The more information you can provide about what customers can expect from your product, the more consumers will see your brand as reputable and return for more.


Product Instructions

If customers misunderstand how to use your product, they’ll likely have poor results. This confusion can lead to negative experiences and opinions of your brand. In more serious cases, misuse of a product can lead to health issues. This is another reason your product instructions should be detailed on your packaging or product label.

No one wants their customers to have bad experiences with their product, so avoiding confusion around how to use it gives your brand a chance to make a great first impression. Including the expiration date and storage details for your product is also beneficial. This creates clarity around preventing the product from spoiling — increasing your chances of consumers having a positive experience.

Another feature you could include on your label is answers to frequently asked questions like “Does this need to be refrigerated” or “Is this product dairy free?” Providing those answers to questions on the label further ensures customers choose your product over others that may not provide the same. Listing a website or phone number on your labeling is another way customers can get answers. Clear product instructions only benefit your brand, leading to positive experiences and glowing consumer reviews.


Product labels are crucial marketing tools. Well-designed logos and taglines that pop convince potential customers to buy your product over others. Consumers are often attracted to bright colors. When looking at a long row of options, brightly colored items are more likely to grab your eye than those with muted or boring packaging.

Creating a unique label that sets your product apart from the rest is also key. These days, labels can include sweepstakes, recipes, coupon information, and more! You can include different fonts, textures, and patterns to promote your brand’s personality on the packaging and labeling. If your labels and packaging are consistent with your brand image, they can drastically increase brand recognition, especially if your products are shipped worldwide.

Your product label should also clearly state why your product is better than the competition. Listing the advantages of your product gives customers a reason to choose it. Is your product organic? Does it last longer than the others? Create a fun tagline to show these benefits and ensure they’re visually appealing and bold!


Why Have Your Labels Professionally Designed?

If your label is not done professionally, the quality could suffer. Putting a low-quality label on a product could give the impression that your product isn’t the best option on the shelf. Why settle for a low-quality label for your high-quality products?

Labeling and packaging parameters can be confusing. Not to mention making sure all the required information fits on the labels clearly and accurately. Professional graphic designers have years of experience creating labels for all types of products, including stickers and packaging that fits your brand’s specifications and themes.

Do you want a label that pops? Stands out from the rest? Graphic designers often offer several drafts and ideas for you to choose from, ensuring your packaging and labeling are unique and accurately reflect your brand’s values and product information.


Why Flocksy Is The Best Option For Custom Label Design

At Flocksy, a team of creatives provides you with the best high-quality designs, no matter your business needs. With our unlimited membership, you can request unlimited revisions, designs, copywriting, and more!

We know unlimited design doesn’t mean much if you can’t get results quickly. That’s why our expert graphic designers send proofs within just 24 hours on average. It’s easy to get started. Simply choose “graphic design project,” choose “label” as the subcategory, and describe what you want. Based on your details, one of our artists will design something amazing that you’ll be proud to have represent your brand. If you’d like to see more of what we can do, check out our portfolio of previous designs and sign up in seconds through our site!


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